Old Bands

A friend of mine had asked me to upcycle his and his wife’s old wedding bands that had been tucked away for years in a jewelry box. With no direct access to casting processes, I used almost all cold processes to take these precious bands and transform them into a fresh pair of matching necklaces that they would be able to wear again. The metalsmithing processes were pretty foundational, but I was extremely challenged in terms of designing these pieces with the limited processes available to me. I was determined though, because sustainability is priority and so upcycling materials is the starting place for 90% of the work I make.

Manifestations of Yoga

Manifestations of Yoga includes nine wearable pierced organic forms.  The designs originate on the yoga mat during my practice the moment my wet hair leaves a subtle and ephemeral relief print on the mat’s surface.  The prints were photographed, and then pierced in copper.  The elegance of line quality and design is preserved as an infinitely durable and tangible evidence of the yoga discipline that can be shared with others by being worn as a necklace, near the heart.  Yoga opens the hearts of its practitioners to love more fully, embrace life more passionately, and creates peaceful warriors, who then, like a ripple effect, grace their community.  These pendants embody yoga’s ability to enliven, uplift, and strengthen the spirit.

Photographer: Jeff Pearcy
Model: Morgan Herum (myself)

Morgan 97Morgan 99 Morgan 96 Morgan 95 Morgan 92 Morgan 91

Enameled and Formed Copper Earrings and Pendants

DSCN1071 DSCN1088 DSCN1097 IMG_4108 IMG_4114Above are a few pieces featured at my last sale.

Production Jewelry at the Exchange Object Jewelry Sale

Silver, copper, brass, bronze, pewter, monotype print, tiger’s eye, amethyst, fur, enamel,turqoise, and acrylic.


Graffitti Rings (rings that leave a mark)

These rings are camouflaged as innocent plant-inspired rings, concealing their utility: to draw anywhere you feel inspired to do so!  Unpermissioned street artists, often times, must work quickly and stealthily, which these rings allow the wearer to do just that.

Silver, Crayon

Bronze sand castingSeparation Anxiety (hair piece)

Nickle Silver, Silver, HairDSC_0065

Grey Water

Completely scavenged and recycled copper, enamel, fabric

Check out my production jewelry at ByTwoHands


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