Manifestations of Yoga at the Riverwest Cooperative!

My latest body of work is up in the Riverwest Cooperative Cafe now through the end of January! Go check it out!DSCN1219Manifestations of Yoga includes nine wearable pierced organic forms.  The designs originate on the yoga mat during my practice the moment my wet hair leaves a subtle and ephemeral relief print on the mat’s surface.  The prints were photographed, and then pierced in copper.  The elegance of line quality and design is preserved as an infinitely durable and tangible evidence of the yoga discipline that can be shared with others by being worn as a necklace, near the heart.  Yoga opens the hearts of its practitioners to love more fully, embrace life more passionately, and creates peaceful warriors, who then, like a ripple effect, grace their community.  These pendants embody yoga’s ability to enliven, uplift, and strengthen the spirit.


About Morgan Herum

I am a metalsmith and jewelry maker, print maker, and performance artist. I graduated in 2013 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BFA concentrating in jewelry and metalsmithing.
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