Morgan Herum: Experiment

I had the privilege to be featured on Callie Garp’s blog, check it out and also look at the other rockin’ artists she has interviewed!

Callie Garp

Etsy is a market full of jewelry. Enter just one step inside the Esty-sellers doorway, and you’ll know that to be a fact. It’s a saturated market – with lots of cute freshwater pearls and trendy trinkets. And while that’s just fine for the average store, you won’t find any of that in the Etsy shop of artist Morgan Herum.

Herum is a 2013 graduate of the BFA program at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She is very concerned with the environmental impact of her art:

I love creating. I find expressing myself through jewelry and objects to be deeply rewarding and satisfying. I apply traditional metalsmithing techniques to a contemporary art discourse. When possible, I upcycle materials from a discarded state. Specifically, I will use scrap metal or fine furs, and may cut it, shape it, and refinish it. Upcycling materials is important to my craft discipline because…

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About Morgan Herum

I am a metalsmith and jewelry maker, print maker, and performance artist. I graduated in 2013 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BFA concentrating in jewelry and metalsmithing.
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